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To seasoned real estate professionals, 1031 Exchanges are a familiar concept involving the transfer of proceeds from the sale of one investment property into another of 'like kind' of equal or greater value in order to avoid Capital Gains tax. The 1031... Read more

If you have done very well for yourself and are blessed with an accumulation of liquid assets or investment real estate, chances are you may be thinking about passing down that wealth to your children or perhaps even your grand- or great-grand children. Of course, depending on a variety of... Read more
Foreclosures are everywhere, yet ironically, so are new constructions. In the more "happening" boroughs like Brooklyn and Manhattan, condominiums are being squeezed into every crevice and corner to accommodate trendy, urban sophisticates. The look and feel of familiar neighborhoods and... Read more

The U.S. real estate market ' reeking of stagnant housing sales and near and actual property foreclosures, a sign of creative sub prime lending strategies gone belly up from a previous year's abundant haul. It is nothing short of a disaster, and the aftermath has strapped beleaguered homeowners... Read more

While a price cut seems to be the prevailing strategy to impact housing sales in many parts of the country, the New York experience is a very different one with cooperative apartment prices soaring, some even to the multi-million-dollar range. At these remarkable price points, a commensurately... Read more